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PCWA Board of Directors

The five member Board of Directors comprise the governing body of Placer County Water Agency. Each Director is elected to a four-year term by the registered voters in five geographic districts of Placer County. Boundaries of each district coincide with Placer County supervisorial districts. Each Director represents the members of the public within their respective district, as well as the general public within the Agency's 1,500 square mile county-wide jurisdiction of Placer County.

Election Procedure and Deadlines: Elections are held bi-annually (even years). More information can be found at the Placer County Elections Office.

Directors - General Information

PCWA Board of Directors - 2022
PCWA Board of Directors, from left:
Primo Santini, District 2; Joshua Alpine, District 5; Mike Lee, District 3; Gray Allen (Vice Chair), District 1; and Robert Dugan (Chair), District 4

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PCWA Board of Directors' Boundaries

The PCWA Board of Directors' district boundaries are coterminous with the Placer County Board of Supervisors' district boundaries. Pursuant to the Placer County Water Agency Act, the Agency consists of all of the territory within the exterior boundaries of the County of Placer.

Find Your PCWA Director District using our interactive map viewer to search for your address. Click the following link to open the map viewer in a new tab.

Find Your District with our interactive map
PCWA Board of Directors' District Boundaries Map
PCWA Board of Directors' District Boundaries

District Boundary Maps (printable)

PCWA Board of Directors' District Boundary Map
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