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Smart Water Use

Winter Yard Tips

Let Mother Nature do your watering this winter

With winter's shorter and colder days, your yard should need little to no water from your sprinklers. If it has been dry for a while check the soil moisture level first with a screwdriver or moisture meter. If you can push the screwdriver in three inches below the surface you don't need to water.

Mulch It Up

Add a four to six-inch layer of mulch around your trees and plants. Keep the mulch around four inches away from the trunk and a few inches away from the base of the plant. The mulch is like icing on a cake. It will help keep the soil moist as well as insulate it and keep weeds at bay.

Let Your Lawn Grow

Give the mower a rest over the winter and let your grass grow longer. It will help improve the grass's photosynthesis and keep its roots warmer.

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