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Water Quality

PCWA is proud to supply safe, reliable and healthy water that meets or exceeds State and Federal public health standards for drinking water. Annually, PCWA publishes a water quality report titled"Consumer Confidence Report" as required by the State Department of Public Health to inform customers about the quality of their drinking water. This report is based on a culmination of water sample data collected throughout the year from selected sample sites.

As required, PCWA samples and tests hundreds of compounds each year and the Consumer Confidence Report only reports those detected unless required otherwise.

Consumer Confidence Reports

The PCWA Consumer Confidence Report is specific to a service area. For your reference, please click on the appropriate link to view the report for your service area:

Is there Fluoride in my water?

PCWA does not fluoridate its water. There is a very small portion of the City of Rocklin, which receives water from the City of Roseville during high demand in warm months only. In addition, our Bianchi system receives Roseville water at all times. Roseville is required to fluoridate its water. If you would like to know if you live in an area that receives fluoridated water from one of these areas, view the maps below:

Useful Tips

Plumbing Freeze in Winter

PCWA is reminding customers to take a few simple steps during winter to keep your water lines from freezing. Frozen pipes can cause damage to your property and cause a major inconvenience. They can also be expensive to repair. Most frozen lines occur on private property and are the responsibility of the homeowner. Tips on winterizing your home can be found at WikiHow

Away Much?

PCWA is aware that many homes in the Placer County area are vacation homes. If you are away from your home often or for extended periods of time for any reason, we’d like to remind you that it is a good idea to thoroughly flush all of your faucets upon return. Try to flush enough water to where you are sure you're getting fresh water from the main.

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