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Irrigation Service Agreement

In an effort to update Agency records and responsibly manage the County's water resources, PCWA recently updated its Rules & Regulations related to untreated water service. PCWA is requesting customers' acknowledge the updated Rules and Regulations for untreated water service by signing an updated acknowledgement form. Failure to agree to the Untreated Water Service Customer Acknowledgements form could result in the interruption or termination of service.

Untreated water customers please note the following:

  1. A Signature on the Untreated Water Service Customer Acknowledgements Form is required as a condition of service for 2023.
  2. Customers are required to respond prior to April 14, 2023.
  3. PCWA recommends signing the document electronically; customers will need their customer identification number (account number left of dash only).
FAQs for Untreated Water Rules & Regulations
Why is PCWA requiring I sign an agreement for untreated water service?

PCWA requires all untreated water customers to sign an untreated water application. Following recent updates to the Agency's Rules & Regulations related to untreated water service, PCWA updated its agreement. Customers must sign the updated agreement for continued untreated water deliveries. The agreement includes important changes that customers need to be aware of as a condition of service.

All leaks on private property are the responsibility of the customer. To assist, PCWA may temporarily suspend service for up to 48 hours to allow the customer to install an isolation valve between the Agency’s delivery point and the private delivery point or a shared delivery point. The customer can either complete the repair in 48 hours or install an isolation valve within the 48-hour time period. Staff recommends that customers install a valve in the event more time is needed to complete the repair. The Agency does not temporarily suspend service for other private side issues.

Yes. It is the customer's responsibility to provide safe access to the Agency's facilities within the customer's property at all reasonable times, and in the event of an emergency. If access is restricted, the customer will be notified to correct the condition(s) within 14 days. Failure to address the access issues within 14 days will result in remediation of the condition by Agency crews, to be billed to the customer on a time and materials basis, and/or termination of service, at the Agency's sole discretion.

While customers on existing party lines are not required to make any changes, they now have the option to form an association and consolidate billing to one account. In doing so, the association becomes PCWA's customer, not the individual parcel owners. Additionally, should existing party lines want to increase their deliveries to accommodate requests from adjacent parcels there must (1) be capacity on the PCWA canal and the PCWA pipeline serving the customer(s), and (2) an isolation valve must be installed after the Agency's canal turnout, with the ability to isolate the entire party line. The increase in deliveries will be reflected on the bills of existing party line customers or through a single point of contact in the case of newly formed association.

For new party lines, the Agency will only authorize the installation of one canal turnout and the customers on that party line will be required to setup one account (i.e. association) as the PCWA customer. Isolation valves are required on all new untreated water connections.

The same requirements for new party lines applies to lot splits. The landowner would have to install an isolation valve after the Agency's canal turnout, and setup one account (for all lots) as the PCWA customer.

The methodology for allocating new untreated water deliveries is now based upon the following categories:

1. Commercial scale agriculture/livestock - adjacent to an Agency canal

2. Commercial scale agriculture/livestock - not adjacent to an Agency canal

3. Water used to grow food for personal consumption and non-commercial livestock

4. General use/landscaping

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