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American River Flows

PCWA currently coordinates with the California Department of Parks and Recreation and a designated commercial whitewater boating representative to schedule Middle Fork Project operations during the summer and early fall to accommodate whitewater recreation in the Middle Fork American River below Oxbow Powerhouse. Whitewater boating releases are scheduled on a voluntary basis such that they do not compromise power production, maintenance activities, or consumptive water deliveries.

The Department of Water Resources website contains Middle Fork American River Flows near Oxbow Powerhouse for the last 2 days.

Woman observing the Middle Fork of the American River
A Photo of the Middle Fork American River near French Meadows Reservoir

Recorded River & Reservoir Conditions

Find recorded river flow and reservoir conditions along the Middle Fork of the American River at Recorded data is refreshed every hour. Keep in mind that all of the recorded data collected via instrumentation does not reflect actual river and reservoir conditions. All data is subject to correction, change, and revision by PCWA.

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