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Water Use Efficiency

Water use efficiency is always important and PCWA has been a leader in water use efficiency practices. Water use efficiency is the long-term ethic of saving water resources through the employment of water-saving technologies and activities. Using water efficiently will help ensure supplies for future generations.

In 2001, PCWA augmented its water efficiency program to aggressively and enthusiastically pursue the objective to fully implement a regional and state-wide accepted Best Management Practices (BMPs).  In doing so, PCWA implemented various water efficiency BMP programs and enhanced community outreach and awareness.  These programs and public outreach include rebate programs, in-home or business water efficiency surveys and informational material.

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Home Owners Association - Water Savings

Water-Wise Landscape Resources

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In-Home or Business Water Efficiency Survey

Upon request, PCWA offers the following water efficiency on-site services:

  • Water Wise House Calls (more)
    Upon request, a Water Efficiency Specialist will come out to your home and review your indoor and outdoor water needs, make water efficiency recommendations and provide you with water saving devices or if desired, will install certain water saving devices.
  • Water Wise Business Calls (more)
    Our trained technicians will come to your commercial site. They will check for leaks, conduct outdoor irrigation check-ups and provide watering schedules.
  • Large Landscape Irrigation Survey (more) 
    PCWA is funding water efficiency reviews of 40 large landscape water surveys for irrigated areas over one acre. The certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor will schedule, assess, and follow up with recommendations and provide a detailed water yield analysis.

To schedule an appointment for an in-home or business water efficiency survey, please call PCWA Customer Services at (530) 823-4850 or (800) 464-0030.

Events and Educational Programs

Water Sense Kids - Play Now

Water Games - For kids of all ages.

Annually, PCWA participates in various public outreach events and educational programs:

Auburn Home Show
Newspapers In Education (NIE)
Water Education Programs for Kindergarten through 8th Grade - Please call the Customer Services Center for information at (530) 823-4850 or (800) 464-0030.

Agricultural Programs

Grower Irrigation Management System (GIMS) - This program provides for the installation of soil probes to allow soil moisture monitoring. (more)Weekly, the agricultural customer is notified of irrigation scheduling using the California Irrigation Management Information System evapotranspiration (ETo) data. This program started in 2005 with a small number of agricultural customers. The GIMS program is partially funded by a grant from the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

California Irrigation Management Information Service (CIMIS) -  In partnership with the California Department of Water Resources (DWR), PCWA operates and maintains two CIMIS weather stations in Placer County. (more)They are supported by the Placer County Farm Advisors and the United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation District.  In late 2005 the California Urban Water Conservation Council obtained Proposition 50 funding to work with DWR to study additional sites to establish local evapotranspiration (ETo) data for urban and microclimate locations. The first year, DWR was interested in the installation of 10 study sites throughout California based on suitable locations within relative proximity to an already established CIMIS station and purveyor readiness. Twenty-seven interested purveyors submitted requests for forty-two stations. Of these applications DWR determined that the PCWA Sunset Water Treatment Plant property would be a suitable location to install one of the ten study sites. DWR collects and analyzes the data to determine if there is a reliable correlation between this station and other reference CIMIS stations. The stations installed during this study are essentially the same as established CIMIS stations, except they are located on a surface other than grass. CIMIS is a network of automated and computerized weather stations located at key agricultural and urban areas in the state. CIMIS collects hourly weather data including solar radiation, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, air and soil temperature, and rainfall. The stations collect local weather data and transmit to a centralized computer center in Sacramento. The data is converted to “reference evapotranspiration”, which is a measure of water lost from the soil surface (evaporation) and the amount of water used by plants (transpiration). CIMIS forms the backbone of water management programs on the demand side. CIMIS complements water supply programs such as snow surveys, reservoir capacity estimates, and rainfall estimates. CIMIS data is a major source of ETo for many agricultural and landscape water users, farm advisors, and other irrigation specialists. Residents can use this information to determine the water needs of their plants and to create efficient irrigation scheduling. This helps maintain healthy landscapes by utilizing the correct amount of water. PCWA appreciates the partnership with DWR, which benefits its customers, the community, and the region.

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