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Water Rates

PCWA sets rates and charges to recover the cost of providing service. 

Adjustment to Zone 1 Water Rates

Treated Water Billing Components
PCWA is required to maintain the treatment, transmission, storage, and distribution facilities necessary to serve each property that has paid Water Connection Charges, regardless of how much water is used by a customer.  PCWA's treated water rate structure has two fixed charges (Monthly Fixed Charge and the Renewal and Replacement Charge) and a commodity charge (water tier rates based on water use).  The fixed charges are billed and payable whether or not any water is used and are prorated based on the number of days in the billing period.

The Monthly Fixed Charge and Water Tiered Rates fund PCWA operations including personnel, supplies, services, state and federal mandates, purchased water, insurance, legal and consulting services, utilities, routine capital and other operation expenses.

The Renewal and Replacement Charge funds construction projects to improve aging water infrastructure, including water treatment plants, pipelines, canals or other water system facilities.

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