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Cross-Connection Control Program

Cross-Connection Control Prevention

PCWA works diligently to deliver safe and reliable drinking water to its customers. This effort begins with protecting our water supply sources and continues through the entire conveyance, treatment and distribution process until the water reaches the meter. The prevention of backflow into the public water supply is an integral part of ensuring safe drinking water.

Why We Administer A Cross-Connection Control Program

In accordance with the requirements of the California Administrative code, Title 17, Chapter V, Sections 7583-7605, PCWA requires backflow protection on any treated water service with the potential for contamination of the public water supply.

Treated Water Connections Requiring Backflow Prevention Devices

  • Residential connections with a secondary source of non-potable water such as wells, ponds, springs, untreated irrigation water, and other waterways
  • All commercial connections
  • All landscape connections
  • All fireline connections
  • Any other conditions as determined by PCWA

Compliance Requirements - How to Remain Compliant

After the initial installation inspection and backflow prevention device testing by PCWA staff, customer must:

  • Maintain the privately-owned backflow prevention device
  • Supply tester with Customer Confirmation Number (CCN) from annual notification and confirm test has been submitted electronically to BSI online portal at

Resource Links

California Health and Safety Code Title 17 Code of Regulation
PCWA Cross-Connection Control Program Brochure
Tester List for Western Placer County - County of Sacramento, Environmental Management Department
PCWA's Improvement Standards, Standard Specifications, and Standard Drawings
Customer/Tester letter, Cross-Connection Control Program Changes (BSI)


For questions regarding your required backflow device testing contact
BSI Online at (800) 414-4990 or

For more information regarding the Cross-Connection Control Program
contact PCWA Customer Services at (530) 823-4850, (800) 464-0030 or

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