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Job Specifications


Accounting Technician I

Accounting Technician II

Accounting Technician III

Administrative Aide

Administrative Manager

Agency Secretary/Clerk to the Board

Assistant Engineer

Associate Engineer

Brush & Weed Control
Specialist I

Brush & Weed Control
Specialist II

Brush & Weed
Control Supervisor

Buyer I/II

CAD/GIS Supervisor

CAD/GIS Technician I

CAD/GIS Technician II

Canal Operations Supervisor

Canal Operator I

Canal Operator II

Chief Information Officer

Compliance Administrator

Control Systems Technician I

Control Systems Technician II

Customer Services Representative I

Customer Services Representative II

Customer Services Specialist

Deputy Director of Administrative Services

Deputy Director of Customer Services

Deputy Director of Field Services

Deputy Director of Financial Services

Deputy Director of Technical Services

Director of Administrative Services                        

Director of Customer Services

Director of Field Services

Director of Financial Services

Director of Power Generation Services

Director of Resource Development

Director of Strategic Affairs

Director of Technical Services

Distribution Operator I

Distribution Operator II

Distribution Supervisor


Engineering Technician I

Engineering Technician II

Environmental Specialist

Facilities Maintenance Coordinator

Field Maintenance Supervisor

Financial Analysis Manager

Financial Analyst

Fleet Maintenance Supervisor

General Manager

Human Resources Consultant

Human Resources Technician

Hydro Clerk

Hydro Communications Technician

Hydro Electrical Machinist

Hydro Electrical Technician

Hydro Engineer I

Hydro Engineer II (Civil)

Hydro Engineer II (Electrical)

Hydro Maintenance Supervisor (Electrical)

Hydro Maintenance Supervisor (Mechanical/Civil)

Hydro Operations Supervisor

Hydro Plant Electrician

Hydro Plant Mechanic

Hydro Roving Operator

Hydro Station Operator

Hydro Utility Worker I

Hydro Utility Worker II


Information Systems Analyst I

Information Systems Analyst II

Information Systems Manager (Emerging Technology)

Information Systems
Technician I

Information Systems
Technician II

Inspector I

Inspector II

Lead Canal Operator

Lead Customer Services Representative

Lead Water Efficiency Specialist

Lead Water Treatment Plant Operator

Lead Worker, Treated Water Maintenance

Mail/Supply Clerk

Maintenance Worker I

Maintenance Worker II


Multimedia Specialist

Office Assistant

Payroll/Data Technician

Power Scheduling Manager

Power Settlements Analyst

Real Property Specialist

Right-of-Way Technician

Risk and Safety Administrator

Senior Brush & Weed Control Specialist

Senior Control Systems Technician

Senior Engineer

Senior Inspector

Service Worker


Treatment Plant Instrumentation Technician

Treatment Plant Maintenance Supervisor

Treatment Plant Mechanic

Treatment Plant Operations Supervisor

Treatment Plant Operator

Treatment Plant Operator Trainee I

Treatment Plant Operator Trainee II

Treatment Plant Support Technician

Water Efficiency Specialist I

Water Efficiency Specialist II

Water Management Specialist

Water Quality Maintenance Worker I

Water Quality Maintenance Worker II

Water Quality Specialist

Water Quality Superintendent

Water Quality Supervisor

Placer County Water Agency
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