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About PCWA

Placer County Water Agency is the primary water resource agency for Placer County, California. PCWA carries out a broad range of responsibilities including water resource planning and management, retail and wholesale supply of irrigation water and drinking water and production of hydroelectric energy in Placer County's 1,500 square mile area.  Created in 1957 under its own state legislative Act entitled the “Placer County Water Agency Act,” PCWA is self-governed with policy and regulatory decisions determined by an independently elected five member Board of Directors.

Agency Wide - Agency officials understand the complexities, interrelationships and importance to sustain reliable and affordable water and energy for Placer County’s present and future needs. (more)

Energy Resources - The Agency’s Power System was established with the construction of the Middle Fork American River Project that began in 1963 and was completed in 1967. (more

Water Resources - The Agency’s Water System was acquired in 1968.  It has become the largest water purveyor in the county serving more than 38,500 water accounts in several water service areas. (more)

Placer County Water Agency
Placer County Water Agency - 144 Ferguson Road, P.O. Box 6570, Auburn, CA 95604 - Telephone: (530) 823-4850